Tokyo Moon -lost and found-: Toshio Matsuura

Presenter Toshio Matsuura, DJ and creative, original founding member of United Future Organization presents TOKYO MOON for the next two hours. The show which started in Japan in 2010 has been aired over 500 times as a "music program for adults with curiosity", is back daily on Worldwide FM for this week only. From jazz to soul, cinematic, folk, rock, world and dance music, sometimes pleasant, sometimes thrilling listening experiences.

We also celebrate the recent release of the compilation curated by Toshio, "TOKYO MOON - somewhere, not here-".

DAY 1 - A

cktrl - love + war (cktrl)

Loyle Carner - A Lasting Place (EMI)

Mecca-83 - Little Rock (The Expansion Sound)

Mansur Brown - Naqi (AMAI)

Marc-Antoine Perrio - Lame People (MENACE)

Gotts Street Park - Summer Breeze (PIAS)

Greg Spero - Evolution (Tiny Room Sessions) (Tiny)

Mothers Favorite Child - No Longer See Me (NEw Sound Network)

Julius Rodriguez - Dora's Lullaby (Verve/Universal)

Guts - Ultima Llamada (Heavenly Sweetness)

UHHO UHHO UHHO - 具縄 (Gorilla In Gnawa) (FRIENDSHIP.)

SOYUZ - Beige Days (Mr Bongo)

Lakeshore Commission - In 2 The Light (Dave Lee Slap Bass Invasion) (Z)

DAY 1 - B

Bill Laurance - Peace Piece (FlintMusic)

Hania Rani - Woven Song (Mercury/Universal)

Nosaj Thing - Continua (LUCKYME/Beat)

Montell Fish - Bathroom (Lord's Child)

Leland Whitty - Awake (Innovative Leisure)


Venna - Sicily' Box (HILLSIDE)

Lauren Henderson - Amuleto (Lauren Henderson)

Tyshawn Sorey Trio +1 with Greg Osby - Please Stand By (Live) (Pi Recordings)

Village of the Sun - The Spanish Master (Gearbox)

Erich Kleinschuster Sextett - Household of Saud (WallenBink)

Justin S Kinchen - Mozambique (Justin S Kinchen)

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