Tonal Unity: Akimbo with R2MP // 14-03-19

Tonal Unity is a new Seoul-based label specializing in sounds with cosmic and leftfield leanings. Focus will be put toward Asian artists fusing the traditional and the modern, for dancefloor and home listening alike.  Releases may be filed under downbeat, ambient house, tribal, or experimental. Akimbo is the founder of Tonal Unity and has been based in Korea for almost a decade. He DJs and performs live at events across Asia and Europe. Known for blending a myriad of global genres, his work with Asian sounds and artists is currently his primary focus. Tracklist:

중타령 Joong Taryeong (Monk Song) - NST & The Soul Sauce [Eastern Sounds Records]
동해로부터 - 4인놀이 [White Label]
(PIRI) 피리, 양금, 생황 - Mang Esilo & 박지하 [Unknown]
Akimbo - Jirisan Breeze [Dongsuh Beverage Co]
KEDA - La Lune de Corée [Parenthèses Records]
Eobu Nolae - KEDA [Parenthèses Records]
5월의 형제 (Akimbo Remix) - Kim Oki [Tonal Unity]
Arisiguna - SUNDRUM [Unknown]
KoreAfrom Tiger - SUNDRUM [Unknown]
사제야 - 악단광칠 [White Label]
Akimbo - 83 talchum [White Label]
Nak Yeop Hojas - El Buho [White Label]
Nuunmuun - SEUNGMIN CHA [White Label]
Untitled - Prabumi [Unknown]
Sonnet [Demo] - MUTO [Unknown]
Trust - Limyongju [Unknown]
Anāhata 아나하따 - Zick Mo Stamina [White Label]
I'm ugly mongolian 나는 어글리 몽골리안 - Zick Mo Stamina [White Label]
Akimbo - 99 talchum [White Label]
Circle - Won Il [White Label]
Untitled - Akimbo & Ownptv [White Label]
CMU118 (Daegeum dosa) - Haedong Seongguk [White Label]
Straight Line [Demo] - MUTO [Unreleased]
Seven Blind Men [Demo] - MUTO [Unreleased]
Taipei Morning - Unjin and Sunji [Unreleased]
흥타령 Heung Taryeong - NST & The Soul Sauce [White Label]
Guest Mix: R2MP
Temple Recordings [Unknown]
풍경소리- 사찰 풍경소리 바람소리 [Unknown]
운문사 새벽종송 Dawn Bell Chant in Unmunsa [Unknown]
대북 고금스님 [Unknown]
새벽예불 [해인사]
Heart Sutra - 6=2+4 [White Label]
Jinsoon_171102 - 6=2+4 [White Label]

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