TREKKIE TRAX: Carpainter

TREKKIE TRAX is a music label and an artist collective based-in Tokyo Japan since 2012. They manage artists such as Carpainter and Masayoshi Iimori, and as the label, they have released over 100 Singles, EPs, albums as digital, CD, and Vinyl so far.

Kelli Hand - Central [Sino]

dj genderfluid - let's do it again [WET TRAX]

Carpainter - Serious Scratch [TREKKIE TRAX]

DJ Hansz - Sure Shot [Bunkaball Records]

Carpainter - High Pressure [TREKKIE TRAX]

Carpainter - Tri Fold [TREKKIE TRAX]

DJ Savage - Down Under [TH Tar Hallow]

Carpainter - Wavebounce [TREKKIE TRAX]

Carpainter - Rebellion On The Floor [TREKKIE TRAX]

Petar Dundov - Shiye [Music Man Records]

Carpainter - Anxious [TREKKIE TRAX]

James Ruskin - Kn Te3 [Tresor]

Darko Veble - Navigation [Music Man Records]

Carpainter - Blow My Whistle [TREKKIE TRAX]

Carpainter - Zoology [TREKKIE TRAX]

Player - Player 012 A1 Remix [Player]

Carpainter - Plus Vibes [TREKKIE TRAX]

Gerald Mitchell - Fly High Like Eagles [Still Music]

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