Trekkie Trax: Seimei and Callum Magnum

For this month’s TREKKIE TRAX show, they have a special 30 min mix by the host DJ, Seimei who has released his new album ‘A Diary From The Crossing’ on October 1st via ‘WET TRAX’.
Seimei presents many tracks from the album in the mix!

They also have a guest mix from Callum Magnum who runs WET TRAX, an independent record label launched in 2015 to represent Toronto's queer underground dance music scene. You can expect hard and groovy and uplifting techno sounds in this episode!


Golden Girls - Kinetic (David Morley Remix) [R&S]

Seimei - Don't Bend My Life [WET TRAX]

Seimei - Log In Log Out [WET TRAX]

Seimei - Kaleidoscope [WET TRAX]

Seimei - Formation 1992

Seimei - HABK [WET TRAX]

Seimei - Acid Gaya

Seimei - Another Dimension [WET TRAX]

Guest Mix: Callum Magnum

DJ T-1000 - Push [Tresor]

The Advent - Lost F2 [Mord]

DJ Rush - Club Freaks [Djax-Up-Beats]

Hardfloor - Strike Out [Harthouse]

Lars Klein - Schlagschatten [Compressed]

Planetary Assault Systems - Searchin’ [Peacefrog Records]

DJ Hyperactive - R-19 [Missile Records]

Callum Magnum - Chop [Unreleased]

Dave Clarke feat. Chicks On Speed - What Was Her Name? (LFO Remix) [Skint]

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