Umoja: Nicola Conte with Cloud Danko

On this episode of UMOJA, Cloud Danko and Nicola Conte present a jazz dance vinyl only set recorded together.

In the spirit of the UMOJA shows the set is floating around tribal percussions, afro and afro cuban rhythms, spiritual uplifting jazz. Including Sabu Martinez, Shamek Farrah And Folks, Harold Vick, Dom Um Romao, Fernando Gelbard and many more.

Maurice McIntyre - Humility In The Light Of The Creator (Delmark Records)

Art Blakey And The Jazz Messenger – Kamal (Timeless)

John Stubblefield - Song For One (Storyville)

Hal Singer - Malcolm X (Futura Records)

Billy Parker's Fourth World - Dance Of The Little Children (Strata East)

The Freedom Sounds - Behold The Day (Atlantic)

Mauricio Smith - Doug's Room (Tico Records)

Clark Terry – Swahili (EmArcy)

Dom Um Romao – Ponteio (Muse Records)

Shamek Farrah And Folks - Waitin' For Marvin (Ra Records)

Harold Vick - Senor Zamora (Strata East)

Bobby Pauneto - Mambo Sevilla (Mardi Gras Records)

Har You Percussion Group - Welcome To The Party (Esp Disk)

Gato Barbieri - Tupac Amaru (Flying Dutchman)

Pharoah Sanders – Pharomba (Arista)

Ocho - Hot Pants Road (UA Latino)

Chico Freeman - You'll Know When You Get There (Black Saint)

Louis Hayes - Brothers And Sisters (Muse Records)

Luis Gasca - Motherless Child (Atlantic)

Fernando Gelbard – Alevacolariera (Discos Redondel)

Sabu Martinez - All Camels Hump (Grammofonverket)

Mombasa – Kumbayah (Wind Records)

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