Un/Familiar Geographies | Africa in Motion 2021

Tune in to the second instalment of Africa in Motion Film Festival's special take over. This show reflects on the festival's 'Imaginarium' strand, which presented an inquiry into the embodied experience of Blackness, the changing climate and the need for communion with nature as a means of healing and resistance. What if instead of looking for safety in nationhood and citizenship, we honoured every being we share the planet with? What does it mean to traverse the world in a body that's considered a threat and a target?

Host, Editor & Producer: Tanatsei Gambura
Co-host & Curator: Liz Chege
Guests (in order of appearance): Asif Khan (Scottish Poetry Library director), Fergus Bruce (After the Pandemic co-founder), Adam Murray (Bristol Black Horror Club), & Clara Njeru (Team Kukua)
Poetry reading: Zakia Carpenter Hall, excerpt from Human Ecologies
Film director: Rehad Desai, Miners Shot Down (2014)
Show Image: film still from Paradise Engines by Clementine Burnley (2021)

with special thanks to Erica Mckoy, Team Kukua, Cocoa Girl, April Edgar & Dachinii Space.

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