Universal Sanctuary // 19-12-20

Tina Edwards hosts Universal Sanctuary. Dance can be triggered by improvised jazz, classic four to the floor or whatever it is that moves our souls; Universal Sanctuary is the junction between live jazz, electronic music and DJ culture, a place that warmly invites you to lose your inhibitions and open your ears even wider. Universal Sanctuary celebrates a year of Jazz, club culture and the spaces in between on Worldwide FM. On the first birthday of the show, Mr Bongo host a 30 minute takeover to celebrate the release of Mr Bongo Record Club Volume Four, Tina spotlights five rising artists to look out for in 2021, and Columbian producer and DJ Felipe Gordon delivers a delicious mix to close the show. Of course, plenty of new music as always, from the likes of Star Feminine Band, Tenderlinious and a worthy remix of a Shuya Okino hard-hitter. Co-produced by Charles Vaughan.

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