Universal Sanctuary: Tina Edwards

Dance can be triggered by improvised jazz, classic four to the floor or whatever it is that moves our souls; Universal Sanctuary with Tina Edwards is the junction between live jazz, electronic music and DJ culture; a place that warmly invites you to lose your inhibitions and open your ears even wider.

A bossa eletrica - sob a luz do sol

Sessa - Pele Da Esfera

Ramsey Lewis - Sun Goddess

Jackson Mathod - Brazil Nut

SPAZA - Sunlight, Glycerine, 2 loose draws

Jitwam with Folamour - Sun After Rain

Yasushi Ide - Cosmic Suite 2 - New Beginning

Linkwood Family - Miles Away

Sputnik - Sun King

Ego Ella May - Morning Side of Love

Emily Jane Roberts - I’ll Tell You How The Sun Rose

Daughters of Reykjavík - Late Bloomer

Bjork - venus As a Boy

Pellegrina - Effective Dreaming

Lauren Laverne - ah why because the dazzling sun LATE NIGHT TALES floating points

Block 16 - Morning Sun

Ausecuma Beats x Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange - Tropical Storm ft Gotopo

Purple Disco Machine - Let the sun shine in

Kyoto Jazz Massive - Behind the shadow

Jayda G - Sunshine in the Valley

Sound Experience - Got to Keep on the Move (Charles Vaughan Disco Oddessey Remix)

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