Universal Sanctuary: Tina Edwards with Chassol & Bosq // 19-12-19

Tina Edwards hosts Universal Sanctuary. Dance can be triggered by improvised Jazz, classic four to the floor or whatever it is that moves our souls; Universal Sanctuary is the junction between live Jazz, electronic music and DJ culture; a place that warmly invites you to lose your inhibitions and open your ears even wider. Together we visit cities around the world to discover something new that moves us, whilst we create a new intersection between mixes, interpretive live sessions and global DIY scenes. 1/2 of Body Music, Bosq is in the mix and French pianist, film score composer and audio-visual maverick, Chassol is live in session from the Brownswood Basement. Tracklist: https://worldwidefm.net/show/universal-sanctuary-with-tina-edwards/

Werkha Generation X Deena Abdelwahed - Lila fi Tounes
LTJ Xperience - Billy's Groove
Lucia Cadotsch - Speak Low ft. Julian Satorius (Frans Petter Version)
Kaos Protokoll - New Chapter
Kit Sebastian - Durma (Baris K Dub)
Tender Leaf - Countryside Beauty
Chassol - Les Anneaux de Saturne
M.I.A - Bamboo Banga
Jerome Robins - Walking on Sunshine (Simon Doty Remix)
Nick Walters - Dansoman Last Stop
Pinduca – Mistura of Carimbo Com Ciranda
Xangô - Magalhães e sua Guitarra
Bayesa - Wganda Kenya
Que Se Sepa (Bosq multitrack remix) - Roberto Roena y su apollo sound
Souvenirs - Les Vikings De Guadaloupe
Jo Jolo (Bosq Remix) - Peter King
Nassau’s Disco - Mucho Plus
Ntinkerinta (Bosq rework) - Ismaïl & Sixu Touré
Bosq - Rumbero ft. Nidia Gongora
p-rallel - 99 ft. Lava La Rue
Soulphication - U'll Like It
Dowdelin - Ka Fwo Bit (Patchworks Remix)
Ramsey Lewis - Les Fleurs

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