Very Fantastic Radio: Mildlife with Thea HD

As we continue our journey through the European lands we invite Thea HD to join us on an aural adventure ahead of our show together at the Brudenell Social Club, May 20th. We look forward to sharing a world famous Brudenell Pie with her but until then, we enjoy this collection of sounds.

Mildlife Listing

Microtronics 20 - Broadcast - Warp

My Life's Alright - Shira Small - No Label

Doy Doy Doymadin - Senay - Believe

Louie - Undisputed Truth - Tamla Motown

Microtronics 09 - Broadcast - Warp

Interlude III - Jim Spencer - Castalia Records

Another Lonely Day - Jim Spencer - Thoth

My Heart - Marcos Resende & Index - Far Out Recordings

Obatala - Melcolm McLaren - Charisma

I Love Everything About You - Syreeta - MoWest

Snake Funk pt.1 - Potter and Tillman - Poet records

Missing - Annabel Lamb - A&M Records

The Gypsy Camp - San Sebastian Strings - Warner Bros.

They Say It’s Wonderful - John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman - The Verve

Music Group

Firebird - White Noise - Island Records

Dao - Chen’n La - Time Capsule

Thea HD Listing

Julian Cope - The Modern Aquarian

Craven Faults - Harringstones

LF58 - Rituale

Andrew Pekler - Description of Rain (Over Frisland)

Lucrecia Dalt - No era Sólida

Laurence Pike - Death of Science

Pub - Paper Aeroplane

Modern Studies & Tommy Perman - Celestial Dance

Roméo Poirier - Thalassocratie

Domenique Dumont - We Almost Got Lost

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