Visible Cloaks: Brian Eno Deep Cuts // 15-05-2020

Portland-based duo Visible Cloaks’ Spencer Doran is known for his love, knowledge and work on ambient music. To celebrate the ambient music pioneer Brian Eno’s birthday, Spencer goes deep and explores lesser known Eno works for one hour.

A Different Kind of Blue (Passengers)
Seed Reflector (frozen render)
La La La (w/New Composers)
The Dove
Faraway Suns (w/Peter Schwalm)
Big Slow Arabs
Unfamiliar Wind (Leeks Hills)
Regents Park, Feb 1
Changes For January 07003, Soft Bells, Hillis Algorithm
Climate Study
L'Amore Di Lupita E Il Soldato (w/Teresa De Sio)
Wind on Wind
Bone Bomb
Windows 95 Startup Sound
When Shade was Born (w/Harmonia)
Mist / Rhythm
Chamber Lightness

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