We Out Here: Mari* & Damo Suzuki

Worldwide FM’s Mari* sits-in with free music legend Damo Suzuki, the former lead singer of the krautrock group Can. Damo shares his instinct for real-time composing, his never-ending-tour lifestyle and his particular way of looking at life and music. ENERGY: A Documentary about Damo Suzuki is finally complete, and director Michelle Heighway hopes to have the film out in the world soon. She is considering crowdfunding to raise funds for the music rights and archive footage used in the documentary. Tune in to find out more!

Can - Vitamin C [Spoon Records]
Damo Suzuki Network - Eye To the Ear (feat. Electronic Sensoria Band) [Last Of Our Kind]
Midori Takada - Mr.Henri Rousseau's Dream [WRWFWW]
Meitei - Utano [Metron Records]
Bo Ningen - AKA [Alcopop! Records]
Kikagakumoyo - Pond [Guru Guru Brain]
Damo Suzuki Live at York on 13th May 2018 [N/A]

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