We Out Here x 1BTN: Mickey Jukes w/ Danny McLewin AKA Skyrager

Mickey Jukes is the founder and head honcho at 1BTN. A DJ, promoter, and lover of black gold (vinyl) he has been in around the music world for around 30 years. Starting 1BTN back in 2015, Mickey and his team have been busy transforming this local community radio station from humble beginnings to one of the most respected community stations in the UK. Mickey also curates his own small festival called, We Are Love, now in its second year. ‘Love’ is most certainly the most appropriate word here and it’s at the heart of all the hard work that Mickey and his team do.

As one half of the acclaimed production duo Psychemagik, Danny McLewin alias Skyrager is widely known and respected as one of the UK’s deepest vinyl explorers. Operating within the farthest reaches of the musical galaxy, his ear is expertly tuned to all manner of auditory treats spanning weird euro balearica, lo-fi private press gems, tiny label anomalies, mind-blowing homemade jazz excursions, disco weirdos and uber exotic soundtrack bombs from the other side of the planet, with plenty more in-between.

Armed with a huge library of lovingly curated otherworldly music obtained from years of passion and detective work, Skyrager shares some of the fruits of his labour fortnightly on 1BTN. Offering a rare glimpse behind the door of one of heaviest collections of music on these isles.

Alongside these peerless archival digs, Skyrager will showcase new works, exclusive edits, remixes and other unique offerings that you simply won’t hear anywhere else.

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