WHAT'S NEXT?! with Laurent Garnier // 12-03-19

One of the leading lights in dance music, a multi-faceted artist and a pioneer DJ, Laurent Garnier is here to spread his message across the planet with his new radio show WHAT'S NEXT?! After his show series 'It Is What It Is' , with WHAT'S NEXT?!, Laurent started a new chapter of exploring and showcasing his impeccable knowledge across the broad spectrum of music, from jazz to afrobeat to techno, to bring you rare finds and groundbreaking new discoveries. Tracklist: http://worldwidefm.net/show/whats-next-with-laurent-garnier-4/

Wlderz - Swimming in a Plastic Ocean [Skryptom]
J.C. Bastion - Intro (B.O.F Paris Est A Nous) [Milan]
Nuff Pedals- - Drive By [Gutterfunk]
Ian Simmonds - Rudy's Choice [Pussyfoot]
El Txef - Blue Boat (Snad Remix) [Materia Exotica]
Fish Go Deep - Once More [Swedish Brandy Productions]
Will Saul - For Joanie [Phonica]
Black Light Smoke - In Gold [Scissor And Thread]
Cinematic Orchestra - A Promise [Ninja Tune]
Tiliboo Afrobeat - Dekondor [Agogo]
Decal - In Defense of Loyalty [Satamile]
Animistic Beliefs - Resequenced DNA [Cultivated Electronics]
The White Stripes - I fought Piranhas [XL]
Walter Cornelius - Ush! [Cascade]
Mosaic - Something Different [Dispatch]
Casey Jones - Two Weeks On Mars [Nex Gen]
Klar Traum - Passion (Marek Hemmann Remix) [Absurd]
Satoshi Fumi - Sweep Harmony [Detone]
Johannes Volk - Awareness [Cocoon]
VCI - Frigia [Default Series]
Flutebox & Maud Dib - Wicked Labour [Vision Music]
Yurgen Blakrok - Hibiscus [IOT]
Harry Griffiths - Leafy Chute [Deep Heads]
Nicola Godin - Club Nine [Because]
Touchy Subject - General [Rua Sound]
Homesick - Afronta [Defrostatica]
War - Flying Machine (MD Re-touch) [United Artists]

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