Easter Hay #3: Wilma Archer: // 25-07-20

Tune in for record producer, collaborator and multi-instrumentalist Wilma Archer‘s new monthly show. Every month will be a journey unconcerned by genre, and a celebration of silent musical gratification.

The Three Suns - Haunted Guitar
Tony Levin - Nyatiti
world standard - the lonely driver 1952
Jonah Yano - shoes (feat. Tatsuya Muraoka)
Clement/Deschamps - Waterline
John Martyn - Head and Heart
Francis Bebey - My Tropical Flower
Andy Davis - 5 saxes
Enno Velthuys - To Dance With You
Guru Guru - Oxymoron
Wilma Vritra - Earnie
Pitch - What Am I Gonna Do For Fun
Marc Barreca - Vs Chorus
Cypress Hill - Lock Down
Johnny Trunk - The Wonk
Plaid - Milh
Max Goldt - interesting people leave at 1:30
Chris Watson - Embleton Rookery
Takako Minekawa - Fantastic Cat
otta - Suihku
The Whitefield Brothers - Prowlin'
Ayuo Takahashi - Half Moon / Full Moon
Joseph Haydn - String Quartet in D Minor, H. III. No. 76, Op. 76, No. 2 - "Fifths": I. Allegro
Rumillajta - Chascarawi
Thilo Von Westernhagen - Where Is Your Watermelon?
Dudley Smith Steel Band - Peanut Vendor
Richard Davis - Dear Old Stockholm (excerpt)
Play-Boys - Gold Finger
The ORF Orchestra - Melancholie
Karl Jenkins & Mike Ratledge - ‎Reve D'enfance
Suur Tõll (OST excerpt)
Frank Zappa - Uncle Meat
Ian Carr's Nucleus - Roots (excerpt)
Victor Vlasov - Nikola Is Sneaking
Shiro Michi All Stars - Ebb Tide
Brian Eno & John Cale - Spinning Away


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