World of Echoes: François K // 19-05-20

World of Echoes is a monthly four hour show from the French-born DJ, producer, remixer and and label owner François K. His career began at the Paradise Garage, Studio 54 and Loft in 70’s. He soon went on to become a significant studio hands for artists likes of Arthur Russell to Kraftwerk and a notable producer, working with and remixing artists from Diana Ross to Adam Ant. He has indisputably become one of the most influential artists in dance music. On a four-hour journey, this founding father of house takes a soulful and eclectic approach, blending together an array of musical genres. On this month's show, FK has chosen to showcase Afro-House and will also play a copious amount deep tribal grooves. The show is live from his home-studio in New York City. Tracklist:

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