World Series: Clap! Clap! and Pupa Tee - Iran

The World Series is a collection of monthly radio shows focused on world music and their own provenience countries. Each season is based on a continent and each episode is focused on a specific country of the selected continent. Its concept / mood line is mainly based on the percussive sounds. Both show’s conductors are veteran vinyl diggers so every track comes from an original vinyl or a repress. Digital tracks have not been involved on this project. Each episode is characterized by an original beat tape made sampling the vinyls played during the show.

Parva - Mosem-e Gol

Beti - Nazr

Googoosh - Mano Tou

Sattar - Sedayeh Del

Morteza Barjesteh - Sabr Kon

Afshin Shad - Dige Base

Noosh Afarin - Garibeha

Googoosh - Talagh

Noosh Afarin - Gol-e Aftab Gardoon

Farzin - Khodahafez

Noosh Afarin - Parastesh

Azita - Yaare Chagalo

Mohammad Nouri - Biya Bar-e Safar Bandim

Mehr Pooya - African Jumbo

Soli - Negar

Zia - Kermani

Soli - Sadaf

Zia - Helelios

Googoosh - Gol Bi Goldoon

Hayedeh & Aref - Negah

Googoosh - Bemoon Ta Bemoonam

Vilson - Mitarsam

Aref - Hala Kheili Direh

Ramesh - Tou Barooni, Tou Aftabi

Ramesh - Delakam

Mehrpouya - Katanga

Pourhashemi, Ahmadi and Iraj - Taxi

The Rebels - Indian Rebels

The Littles - Fatemah Sultan

Ramesh – Dokhtar Eyalati

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