WW Éireann with Peter Curtin // 29-04-20

Broadcaster and DJ Peter Curtin selects the best new tracks from the Irish underground music scene. Tracklist: https://worldwidefm.net/show/ww-eireann-with-peter-curtin/

Cami - Moon [Self]

Toby Kaar - One For Julie [Self]

Cooks But We’re Chefs - Tembé Road [Self]

Garies - Emergency Tenner [Future Times]

Auxiliary Phoenix - Bag Of Holding Of Crisps [Self]

Local Boy - Bright Days [Self]

Whozyerman? - Ooze [Self]

Hazey Haze - Silhouettes [PX Music]

LerLoons - Life is Analog [Self]

God Knows ft. Denise Chaila, Gavin DaVinci, Citrus Fresh, Hazey

Haze & Strange Boy Nature - Who’s Asking? (Remix) [Fly High


Charlie Murphy - No Funeral [Self]

April - New Conditions [2020 Vision]

Marcus Woods - Dain Yoon [Self]

Code - Sunday Jazz [Unreleased]

GAPTOOF. ft. Kean Kavanagh - Dean Street [Soft Boy Records]

Bedlam Suitcase ft. Izumi Kimura - Meet The Media [The Knock


Gadget & The Cloud - Some Time Soon [Self]

Boku - Rise [Soul Jamz Records]

Themisto Man - Awkward Conversation in the Steam Room [First Cut


Anita - A Winter Song [Self]

Uwmami - YKY [uwmamiheat Records]

Odd Ned - Not All Of Them [Moot Tapes]

Yankari Afrobeat Collective - Change Your Ways (Mago Mago) [Hip-

Drop Records]

Dashiki Dan - Fissures [Self]

t-woc - Persian Golf [On the One]

dragon roots. - Smile [Self]

Richard Hughes - 4zane [Herzog TV]

Rory - Edgar [Self]

Clerk 5 - Queso Azul [The Unscene]

Spekulativ Fiktion - Don Conroy [The Unscene]

Boxcutter - Polynov [Kinnego Records]

Shy Mascot - Slaps [Self]

Luthorist - If You Know, You Know [NUXSENSE]

Rising Damp - In Blue [wherethetimegoes]

60 Miles - Arcade [Jheri Tracks]

Teishi-1 - Aurora [Boy Scout Audio]

Mark Waldron-Hyden - Ocelot [Self]

Fixity - For Some [Self]

Aoife Nessa Frances - Blow Up [Basin Rock]

R.Kitt - What You Want [Orainn]

Citrus Fresh - Teeth [PX Music]

Gavin DaVinci - Woopty Woop [Self]
Threshold - Same Line [Self]

Kobina - Blissfully Unaware [Self]

ZOiD - The Funk (Out of the Program) [Self]

Kevin Blake - Love Is The Cure [Self]

Yenkee - Lucy [Bride Valley Records]

Echo Gardens - A Way With The Tides [Self]

Trá Pháidín - Set A hAon [Sunshine Cult Records]

Matt Finnegan - M50 [First Second Label]

Amanda Feery - Two Steps on the Water [Self]

Claire O’Brien - Holes [Moot Tapes]

Mangetout & Erwin Morzadec - EXH 360 Improvisation 2 [All City]

Uly - Cold Water [Faction Records]

Mount Alaska - Slopes [251 Records]

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