WW Éireann with Peter Curtin // 31-08-20

The Irish independent music scene is bubbling right now, and DJ Peter Curtin has the freshest new sounds from the underground. Tune in for WW Éireann.

Tolü Makay // Riot Song [Self]

Brién // Sundried [Soft Boy Records]

Danny G & The Major 7ths ft. Tolü Makay & Jamel Franklin // D.A.R.L.I.N.G [Hipdrop Records]

Fehdah // Day In Shock [D12 Loud]

Jar Jar Jr. // Easel Or Spit [Unreleased]

Denise Chaila // Chaila [narolane recordings]

Aby Coulibaly // Taurus [Chamomile Records]

Jehnova // Weak Days [NUXSENSE]

Monjola // Know You [Chamomile Records]

Loah // Birthmark [Self]

Gemma Dunleavy // Crusin [Self]

Paj // Superman [Self]

Sputnik One // Smart Lung [First Second Label]

Cherubim // To See [Self]

Class Action // Waves Of Gratitude [Loose Ends Music]

Aratita Electronik Jazz Quintet // Fables Of The Solar Gods [Forthcoming Fly High Society]

Kean Kavanagh // Roll Over! [Soft Boy Records]

Natural Wild // Hot & Sexable (Morgan Buckley’s Compressor Mix) [Forthcoming All City]

Sad City // Take Your Time (jam) [Self]

Rejjie Snow ft. MF DOOM & Cam O’bi // Cookie Chips [300 ENT.]

Alex Gough // Be Kind [Self]

Celaviedmai ft. Nealo & Alan Mckee // Questions [Self]

TAU & The Drones of Praise ft. Deirdre Mulrooney // All That Is [Drones of Praise]

Dreamcycles // Memory Laneways [Queeste Records]

nrthrd // Praise To The Place [bifb]

BARQ // Dive [BARQ Music]

Act of Algebra // The Devil’s in the Gin [Self]

Archy Moor ft. Osquello // The Long Road [Self]

George Feely // Stanley’s Disco [Nervous Records]

po-lar-ity ft. anne wirz // resolution [Yoruba Records]

Tommy Holohan // South Beach Burnin Bins [Rave Selekts]

Mango X Mathman // Mad Ting (SertOne Remix) [Unreleased]

Akia // quari-mine [Self]

Meljoann // Business Card [Boy Scout Audio]

MuRli // No Exit [narolane recordings]

lastminuteman // Machine Zone [wherethetimegoes]

The Bonk // Time To Cop On [Self]

Song Sung // Orbiting Slow [Night Time Stories]

Demigosh // Ibi [Self]

NEOMADiC // Mr Nice Guy [Self]

The Vendetta Suite // Shut Up Ya Doors Dub [Nocturne Records]

Reetabix // Ice Cream Dreaming [Self]

New Members // Forcefield Shifta [Pear]

Royal Yellow // May The First [Self]

Nashpaints // Amo [wherethetimegoes]

dirty dreamer // Electric Sleep [Self]

Planting // The Low Sun [Self]

Schisms // Rap Master 1 [Fort Evil Fruit]

Danny Lanham // Choon Gum [PX Music]

Comrade Hat // Summer of Glove [Self]

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