WW Beirut - Radio Karantina: GÉNÉRIQUE DE FIN DE MONDES

From Beirut to the world, and / or vice-versa; radiokarantina is a project that conjures together music, stories, and images during the exceptional times the world is currently witnessing. Tune in as Nasri Sayegh spreads a message from Beirut to the world via Radio Karantina. Radio Karantina presents GÉNÉRIQUE DE FIN DE MONDES: A SOUNDTRACK FOR THE END OF THE WORLDS. Featuring - in order of appearance - The Universe, Some Planets. Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkcam, Keto Dzhaparidze, Violetta Vilas, An Old Lebanese Baby Cereal. Nestle Ad, Sabah In A Fassbinder Movie, Ali, Some Fears, His Soul, Walter Schumar, A Forgotten Space Station, A Man Who Broke His Glasses In The Twilight Zone, HAL9000 Not / Responding, György Ligeti’s 2001 Space Adventures, Laurie, Elvis and Frederic Chopin, Grace Cheng Singing Carmen While Maria Callas Is Desperately Seeking For Her Eurydice, Elton’s Britt Uranium Fever, Elli & Jacno’s Atomic Age, Michel Polnare ’s Ode-Invitation To Paradise, Mr. Oizo Singing In The Midst Of Miss Kalthoum’s Ruins. Sounds Images and Tales from Beirut to the rest of the world [and/or vice versa].

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