WW Berlin: Alex Barck with Kraak & Smaak // 05-11-19

Fortnightly show from Berlin, exploring the city’s vibrant music scene and nightlife, featuring exiled and original Berliners bringing live mixes and interviews. For this month's show, Barck is joined by Dutch producers, DJ’s and live act Kraak & Smaak. They have built up a jaw-dropping track record since their first EP dropped in the early 00s. Their original sound, consisting of a blend of disco, funk, electronic and house music and the trio has just released their brand new album ‘Pleasure Centre’ on their own Boogie Angst imprint and are preparing another world tour for 2020. Tracklist: https://worldwidefm.net/show/ww-berlin-alex-barck-with-kraak-smaak/

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