WW Brisbane: Sampology // 15-09-20

This week for our rotation of shows broadcasting every week from Melbourne and Brisbane, we have the founder of Middle Name Records, producer Sampology coming to you from Brisbane.

Laik - Big Rainstorm

Demae - Let Go ft Joe Armon- Jones (First Word)

MF Robots - Happy Song, Kaidi Tatham & Daz-I-Kue remix (BBE)

30/70 - Impermanance, Close Counters Remix (Rhythm Section)

Takuya Kuraoda - Fade, KEARL remix (First Word)

Taylor McFerrin ft Vincent Parker - Broken Vibes

Virtual Shadow Ensemble - Kanohi Ki Te Kanohi

Surprise Chef - Deadlines (College Of Knowledge/ Mr Bongo)

Mamas Gun - This Is The Day (Full Band Version)

Felbm - Tartufai (Soundway Records)

Dele Sosimi x Medlar - Gúdú Gúdú Kan

Mia - Something 'Bout Your Love

The Heliocentrics - Space Cake (Madlib Invasion)

Setwun - Our World (Mandarin Dreams)

Gordon Koang - Tiel e Nei Nywal Ke Ran (Music In Exile)

Gordon Koang - Mal Mi Goa, Ginoli Remix (Music In Exile)

Tiana Khasi - Whole Lotta Shine, Sampology Remix (Soul Has No Tempo)

Marcy Luarks - Shake

Hal Singer & Jef Gilson - Chant Inca

Virtual Shadow Ensemble - Truth Is In The Shadow Of A Doubt

Horatio Luna - Bumps (Jazz Diaries)

Bryony Jarman-Pinto - Sour Face, Dego Remix (Tru Thoughts)

The Avalanches - Music Makes Me High

Arp Frique - Voyage ft. Mariseya (Rush Hour)

Franc Moody - Flesh & Blood (Harvey Sutherland remix)

First Beige - unreleased

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