WW Brisbane: Sampology with Borrowed CS // 19-05-20

This week for our rotation of shows broadcasting every week from Melbourne and Brisbane, we have the founder of Middle Name Records, producer Sampology coming to you from Brisbane. Tracklist: https://worldwidefm.net/show/ww-brisbane-sampology-with-borrowed-cs/

Sampology - Mt Glorious (Stringapella) (Middle Name Records)
David Versace - Sunday (Self Release)
Clear Path Ensemble - Jerry’s Funk (Cosmic Compositions)
Borrowed CS (Ft Mara TK) Brainstorm -
Borrowed CS - Balance (Planet Trip)
Syndicate - Give Me Your Love
Natalie Slade - Gimme Ya Love (Eglo Records)
J-Felix - Be Thankful For What you Got ft. Sol Goodman (Tru Thoughts)
John Beltran - Entardecer
Laik - Rosedrops (Mandarin Dreams)
Silent Jay - Summer Talks With The Ex (Nap King Cole)
Silent Jay - I Don’t Know What To Say (Nap King Cole)
Shall I Bruk It Flip - Sinner Man
Scott Grooves - Mesolista
Roy Ayers - Reaching The Highest Pleasure (BBE)
- Borrowed CS in conversation-
Myele Manzana - Pencarrow - Borrowed CS Clear Path Depiction (First Word)
Solaa - Syphlike
Avantdale Bowling Club - Quincy’s March (Years Gone By)
Clear Path Ensemble (Cosmic Compositions)
Clear Path Ensemble (Cosmic Compositions)
Borrowed CS - Arch
Borrowed CS - Walking On The Sun
Borrowed CS - Ascend (Planet Trip)
Borrowed CS - Mystic Shuffle (Planet Trip)
Micronism - Eventide (Loop Recordings)
Natureboy Flako - Aura Inocente
-Words From Kurt from La Sape Records)
Zeitgeist & Tucker - Gathering (La Sape Records)
Godtet - Struck Bamboo Pipes No. 2 (La Sape Records)
Aroop Roy - Flecha De Foga (GAMM)
Catching Flies - New Gods (Ron Basejam Remix)
Larry Quest - Cortical
Gordon Koang - Mal Mi Goa (Ginoli Remix)
Matt Grey - The Regular
Head In The iClouds - Interface Palm (Broken District)
Benny Salvador - Dimensions

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