WW Daily: Laani with Sahra Gure // 06-09-19

Our Daily show, hosted by Papaoul (Gabriel Francis) on Mondays and Fridays and Erica McKoy on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. In one hour, catch up with the latest sessions, music, news and guests in our flagship WW Daily show. Covering the Friday show for Papaoul is Laani, Marketing/PR & Producer at Brownswood Recordings. She is joined by talented singer/composer Sahra Gure, talking about curation of the NUMBI Arts Festival closing party at Rich Mix on Friday 6th September.  NUMBI is a non-profit organisation based in London that produces cross-art projects and works in partnership with artists, educators and peer organisations locally, nationally and internationally, celebrating the global and local voices that don’t have the materials or platform to express their voices.

Kimiko Kasai & Herbie Hancock - I Thought It Was You [Sony Records]
Stephen Encinas - Disco Illusion [Kalinda]
Slave - Stellar Funk [Cotillion]
Dreamcast - Outer Space [Future Times]
LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion) - Let Me [Super Sonic Jazz]
Ashley Henry - THE MIGHTY ft Ben Marc [Sony]
Wu-Lu (feat. Binisa Bonner) - Back 2 4 [The Vinyl Factory]
Sahra Gure - Better Dream [SUN OF AGMIU]
Joe Armon-Jones - Yellow Dandelion [Brownswood]
Sofa Talk - South Side [Broken District]
Sofa Talk - No Frills [Broken District]
Jus Jam - Escape From The Hood [Broken District]
Narchbeats - Cheeks (Soundway records)
Soma - Locked Groove [Hotflush Recordings]
Professor Rhythm - Professor 3 [Awesome Tapes From Africa]
Daymé Arocena - Menuet para un corazón [Brownswood]
Jabberloop - Atmosphere Entry (Jazz Ver.) [JUNONSAISAIRECORDS]
Teru Sakamoto Trio plus One - Teru-Teru Bozu (Black Keys) [Victor]

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