WW Daily: Papaoul // 29-05-20

Our flagship daily show, hosted by Papaoul on Mondays and Fridays and Erica McKoy on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. In one hour, catch up with the best new and yet to be released music, hear live sessions and deep-dive interviews. Our WW Daily presenters keep you up to date with musical happenings on Worldwide FM and beyond! Tracklist: https://worldwidefm.net/show/ww-daily-papaoul-79/

Mildlife - Rare Air [Heavenly Recordings]
J-Felix - Be Thankful for What You Got (feat. Sol Goodman) [Tru Thoughts]
Sharhabil Ahmed - Argos Farfish [Habibi Funk]
Spoort - Britannia Blues [House Anxiety / Marathon Artists]
Yakul - Blossoming [Live WWFM Session]
Nubya Garcia - Pace [Concord]
David Nesselhauf - Space Station [Kryptox]
Wilma Archer - Last Sniff (feat. MF DOOM) [Domino]
MC Palakata & Tom Blip - Singeli Jungle [On The Corner]
Jake Milliner - Freddie's Winning Hand (feat. Howard McNair) [Melting Pot]
PYJÆN - Gold Plated (feat Odette Peters) [DeepMatter]
This - Sunu [Self-released]
Falle Nioke & Ghost Culture - Barké [Prah]

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