WW Glasgow with Rebecca Vasmant // 26-02-20

Two hour show focusing on the Glasgow music scene. Rebecca Vasmant hosts  guests who have been influential parts of the scene in the Scottish city. Together they detail the scene, play some records and portray their vision of the city they call home. Tracklist: https://worldwidefm.net/show/ww-glasgow-with-rebecca-vasmant/

Andrew Wasylyk - Greendrive #2 [Athens of the North Records]

Rebecca Vasmant - Start Of Time [Forthcoming]

Newt - Air For Unst [Unreleased]

Brodie Jarvie & Fuensanta Mendez - Happy Song [Unreleased]

Andrew Wasylyk - Westway [Athens of the North Records]

Tommy Smith Sextet - Easter Island [Spartacus]

Hamlet - Act 1: Chip In The Wall [Unreleased]

Hamlet - Sunset Sunside ft. Nada Albertsson [Self Release]

Corto Alto - Better (ft. Kitty) [Unreleased]

Corto Alto - Charlie Boy [Unreleased]

Corto Alto - Inward [Unreleased]

Dan Brown - JSB [Self Release]

Fat-Suit - Caretaker [Equinox Records]

Graham Costello’s Strata - Cygnus [Gearbox Records]

Aku - Having A Magnum In The Bathtub [Unreleased]

Crooq - Orange Juice [Unreleased]

Fatsuit - Industrial Strength ft. Zoe Graham

Rebecca Vasmant - Pharaoh [Unreleased]

Rebecca Vasmant - Dance Yourself Free [Unreleased]

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