WW Honolulu: Roger Bong (Aloha Got Soul)

Coming to you direct from Honolulu, Roger Bong, the founder of Aloha Got Soul, the man who brings progressive sounds of Hawaii to the World. For the year's end special, the WW Honolulu host shares some of the best of 2018 releases that came out of Hawaii.

Deshannon Higa - Boop Beep [self-released]
Shing02 & Sauce81 - Dreamcast [e22]
Packo - Disorient [Skratchmore]
KIDSNEEDFOOD - Wize Man [Hoffapound]
baechulgi - the followers [Inner Ocean]
DeAndre - Shoulda Known Better [self-released]
Twelvenoonandmidnite - Greenstone [Zeo Music]
G. Listen & The Metisunz - Come Unity feat. HI Songbird []
KIDSNEEDFOOD - Cycles [Hoffapound]
Nick Kurosawa & Ohtoro - Woolsey [Zenbu]
Kamaka Camarillo - E Pi‘i Mai [self-released]
Abe Lagrimas, Jr. - Longing [Pass Out]
Jason Gay - Jasmine Flower [self-released]
FRNT BZNZZ - Bobo’s Lullaby [Aloha Got Soul]
Jah Gumby - Original [Aloha Got Soul]

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