WW Ibiza: Mark Barrott and Pete Gooding

Mark Barrott and Pete Gooding bring you sunset sound tracks from Ibiza.

Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Ever New [Atlast Records]

Mark Barrott - Icarus [Mark Barrott Bandcamp]

Mark Barrott - Kyoto [Mark Barrott Bandcamp]

Synergetic Voice Orchestra - Zebra [Hostal La Torre Recordings]

Lola Perrin - Cloud Sky Fade [Hostal La Torre Recordings]

Richard Wahnfried - Grandma’s Clockwork [Innovative Communication]

Calm - Liminal Moment [Hell Yeah]

One Half Of Bent - Akanaya [Neopolis Records]

Partenope - Boulevard [Neopolis Records]

Golden Girls - Kinetic (David Morley Remix) [Hostal La Torre Recordings]

Margaret Wakely - Hard To Leave The Island [Hostal La Torre Recordings]

Guest mix from Dr Rob (BanBanTonTon)

Sault - Time Is Precious [Forever Living Originals]

Coastlines - Combustione Lenta [Flower Records]

Break Mode - Bob The Dub [Bed Of Roses]

Sessa - Gostar do Mundo [Mexican Summer]

Coastlines - Yasmin`s Theme [Flower Records]

Steve Cobby - The Departure Lounge... [Déclassé]

Tungusku - Reverie [Before I Die]

Ron Trent - Flowers [Night Time Stories]

Kyoto Connection - Setsuko`s Smile [Temples Of Jura]

Penguin Cafe - The Fox & The Leopard [Erased Tapes]

Mark Barrott - Icarus [Self Released]

John Beltran - Mallorca [Oath]

Copenema - Estate [Music For Dreams]

Lady Blackbird - Did Somebody Make A Fool Out Of You [Foundation]

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