WW Kyoto 2020 New Year Show: Shuya Okino & Masaki Tamura // 10-01-2020

Shuya Okino, DJ/Producer/Author and one half of Kyoto Jazz Massive, presents a monthly show from Kyoto, Japan’s original capital city and the show is held at the cultural complex y.gion. Our WW Kyoto family, Shuya Okino from Kyoto Jazz Massive and Masaki Tamura, make a transition into the new year by playing some of the best music from 2019 and exciting sounds of 2020. Tracklist: https://worldwidefm.net/show/nye-2019-ww-kyoto-shuya-okia-masaki-tamura/

Chizuru Omae - Monkey Taxi [mille Grues RECORDS]
Viva sherry - 地図にない点 [Unknown]
Rosemary Minkler - Hi Tide [Unknown]
Bronze - Birds Eye View [8Balltown]
松岡直也 - 彼女のことークセ [Warner Music Japan]
AZEON - Paradise Island [Unknown]
Robert Watson - Reachin' Searchin'(Aroop Roy edit) [If It Ain't Jazz]
Kaidi Tathama - Cost of Living [First Word Records]
Kaffe Crème - I <3 U [Vertv Records]
Necktr - Choose to Stay [Wormfood]

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