WW KYOTO: KJCC - Shuya Okino with Mio Matsuda, Masaki Tamura

Monthly show from Kyoto, Japan’s original capital city. Presented by KJCC (Kyoto Jazzy Creative Council), a new collective formed by Shuya Okino of Kyoto Jazz Massive, Masaki Tamura of Do it Jazz! and Yukari BB of Jazzy Sport Kyoto.

They are joined by Mio Matsuda who works on discovering old folklore of Japan and her CD Book “Creole Nippon”. She started singing fado in her late teens and moved to Portugal to sing fado. Then she traveled physically and musically through Portuguese-, Spanish-, and Creole-speaking regions of the Atlantic Ocean and developed her unique borderless and dynamic style of singing. After recording her first album “Atlantica” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she has collaborated with many musicians from South America and Europe. Among them is Hugo Fattoruso, a legendary artist from Uruguay, with whom she currently produced her new album “La Selva”.

// Shuya Okino // 

Yusuke Hirado/ Air Dancing
Rosie From The Block / You Are Loved
Da Lata / Eu Quero Ser(New Sector Movements Remix)
Laroye ft.Abi Flynn / Rise (Exteneded Version)
Fatima & Joe Armon-Jones / #1 
Robert Glasper / Why We Speak (feat. Q-Tip & Esperanza Spalding)
Barney Mcall / Sweet Sweet Spirit - Homage to Doris Akers (feat. Gary Bartz, Rita Satch & Belle Bangard)

// Mio Matsuda //
Mio Matsuda / La Selva
Mio Matsuda / Hurry
Mio Matsuda / El dia que me quieras

// Maasaki Tamura //
Azymuth / Tudo Que Você Podia Ser
Kei Marimura / The Gift
Himiko Kikuchi / Sunday Morning
Maoya Matsuoka / Welcome to Sunday is Island go go
Sabrina Malheiros / Sol, Céu E Mar
Pure Wildness / Ain't No Use
The DreZone / Better Days Better Ways
George Dike / You and Me
Bill Summers & Summers Heat Cayenne / Magic
New Horizons / Star Fire

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