WW KYOTO:KJCC SHUYA OKINO with Ferdinand Maubert & Masaki Tamura

Monthly show from Kyoto, Japan’s original capital city. Presented by KJCC (Kyoto Jazzy Creative Council), a new collective formed by Shuya Okino of Kyoto Jazz Massive, Masaki Tamura of Do it Jazz! and Yukari BB of Jazzy Sport Kyoto.

They are joined by Ferdinand Maubert aka Rem Kina who is a French artist based in Kyoto.

// Shuya Okino //

Don't Rush The Process (ft. The Easy Access Orchestra) / Kaidi Tatham

Galaxy feat Lola Vialet (upbeat mix) / Kaidi Tatham

Better Days (Kaidi Tatham Remix) / Rosie Frater-Taylor

Get Up ft.Roy Ayers(Kaidi Tatham Remix) / Kyoto Jazz Massive

Treasure Beach (feat. Wayne Francis & Yelfris Valdes) / DEGO & Kaidi

Hands / Agent K

A Message From Above / Kaidi Tatham

// Ferdinand Maubert //

Miyako no monogatari / Ferdinand Maubert

A woman of distinction / Ferdinand Maubert

Agent of change / Ferdinand Maubert

Arashiyama's Lovers / Ferdinand Maubert

// Masaki Tamura //

Happyaku-yachō / Meitei

Kamakiri-(a buggy re-incarnation) / Jules-Brennan

Beat Calls / P"Jam"Funk Band

Shades of Blu / Yusuke Hirado

meku / Kobeta Piano

Chunpo ft. omni sight / Mark N

Illusory / House Violence & Yoshi Horino

Tanin no Jijou feat. Sato (Night Flute Mix - All Mix Arranged by Sato) / HANKYOVAIN

Stand For Tomorrow / M-Scape

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