WW Liverpool: Melodic Distraction with Luna & Pooky // 25-09-19

Liverpool cultural hub and internet station Melodic Distraction welcomes Bonsai Hi Fi sound system affiliate Pooky and electro-pop songwriter Luna. Tracklist: https://worldwidefm.net/show/ww-liverpool-melodic-distraction-with-luna-pooky/

Füxa - Electric Sound of Summer [Rocket Girl]
Hermanito - Dawn Breaks [Ad Hoc Records, Forthcoming]
Ol’ Ranga - Chanter Sit Down [Unreleased]
Ex Easter Island Head - Mallet Guitars Three, Movement 2 [Low-Point]
Contours - The Dada Loop [Fly High Society]
House of House - Rushing to Paradise
Bobby Thurston - You Got What It Takes [Rams Horn Records]
Rudy Norman - Back To The Streets (Andy Ash and Pooky edit) [Forthcoming]
Seatbelts - Content Crush [Self Released]
Bye Louis - The Same Boy [Emotion Wave]
LUNA - 5am [Self Released]
Oumou Sangaré - Kamalemba [Pouvoir Magique Remix]
Kate Bush - The Sensual World [EMI]
Otha - One Of The Girls
LUNA - Operator [He Doesn't Call Me] [Låpsley Cover]
LUNA - Night Drive [Forthcoming]
Podge - Yuka Peno [Self Released]
IAMKYAMI - Concrete Rose [Self Released]

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