WW Liverpool: Melodic Distraction with Sisbis & Bido Lito // 29-04-19

Melodic Distraction present WW Liverpool, a first look at the latest and greatest coming out of the city’s eminent music scene. For this month, the guests are Giovanna, local DJ and organiser of SisBis, a party that raises money for Liverpool charity Refugee Women Connect and Craig Pennington who heads up local magazine Bido Lito who have just hit their 100th edition.

Stealing Sheep - Big Wows (Dialect Remix) [FORTHCOMING]
Xam Volo - Sudden [DECCA]
Kyami - Super Special [SELF RELEASED]
MC Nelson - Black Coffee [SELF RELEASED]
Jamie Broad - A Nice Cup of Tea [SELF RELEASED]
Mersey Wiley - Stronger [SELF RELEASED]
Jam Scones Quartet - Unreleased [UNRELEASED]
Ruby Rushton - One Mo' Dram [22a Records]
Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti - Ginga [SOM LIVRE]
Mim Suleiman - Msimamo [UNKNOWN]
Alejandro Paz - El House [COMEME]
Bantam Lions - Can We Come Together? (Harmonic Version) [SELF RELEASED]
Luna - Wind [Unreleased]
Jacques - Mer D'Hiver [Unreleased]
Golden Teacher - The Kazimier [GOLDEN TEACHER]
Edgar Jones Jones - Do Doh Dontcha Doh [VIPER]
Yank Scally - Bulletproof Wizard [LEECH MUSIC]
Forest Swords - The Highest Flood [NINJA TUNE]
Lo Five - Sabre Contusion [PATTERNED AIR RECORDINGS]
Goat - Run To Your Mama (Cage & Aviary remix) [ROCKET RECORDINGS]
Brenda Ray - Theme From Tall Dark Stranger [NOT ON LABEL]

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