WW Liverpool: Melodic Distractions with Rebecca Wild and ASOK // 28-01-19

Melodic Distraction present Worldwide Liverpool, a first look at the latest and greatest coming out of the city’s eminent music scene.   This month, hosts James and Josh sit down with two of Liverpool’s most celebrated musical figures; electronic music producer ASOK and Constellations’ Rebecca Wild. ASOK is a Liverpool-based producer who has released on Lobster Theremin, MoS and Mistress Recordings. His DJ sets have taken him across Europe, from Berlin’s fabled Panorama Bar to Liverpool’s fiery 24 Kitchen Street.

Running on Air & Twin Galaxies - BBA [Emotion Wave]
Brad Stank - O.T.D [UNTITLED (RECS)]
Remy Jude - Nothing To Worry About (Prod. By Flossy & Yannu) [Self Released]
Isocore - 146 Seconds of Summer [Upitup Records]
Vida Vojić - For The Missing [Pale Master]
Jordan - Obsession (Tom VR Sunrise Mix) [Abandon Silence Records]
ASOK - How It Is [Lobster White Series]
HAKU - Root In [Self Released]
DJ Seinfeld - Sagrada [Deep Sea Frequencies]
Apollo 440 - vanishing Point [550 Music]
Yank Scally - Up All Night [Self Released]
Oya Paya - Just A Little Man [Self Released]
B.J. Smith - Far Away Island [NuNorthen Soul]
Jeff Mills - The Bells [Purpose Maker]
Ranga - Boss Man [Blue Shift Records]
Supa Ape ft Lady Soul - What You Want [UK Jungle Records]
Melodien - Saturnglyph [Polytechnic Youth]

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