WW Mali: Blanc Manioc with Mc Waraba & Meleke, Aero Manyelo & Praktika // 11-11-19

Dom Peter, artistic Director of the brand new afriqelectroniq label Blanc Manioc delivers a musical puzzle with releases from the label and interviews from his last trip to West Africa. In Bamako, Mali they met Mc Waraba & Meleke, young DJ and Producer prodigy Gaspa, and in Joburg, Aero Manyelo - who explained his new project "Shujaa Bora", as well as the amazing remix he did for in July. In the second hour, DJ and Producer Praktika delivers a one hour mix of his Malian electronic tribulation and friendly remixes. Tracklist: https://worldwidefm.net/show/ww-mali-blanc-manioc-with-mc-waraba-meleke-aero-manyelo-praktika/


Mc Waraba & Meleke Tchatcho - Bofan [Blanc Manioc/Jarring effects]
Mc Waraba & Meleke Tchatcho - Yayoroba [Blanc Manioc/Jarring effects]
Mc Waraba & Meleke Tchatcho - Yayoroba (Les frères jackfruit remix)
Shujaa Bora: Dozan - Blanc Manioc [unreleased]
Afriq2000 - Drums - Blanc Manioc [unreleased]
Mc Waraba & Meleke Tchatcho - Diarabi - Aero Manyelo remix - [Blanc Manioc/Universal Africa]
Mc Waraba & Meleke Tchatcho accapella [live at Africa bass Culture festival - Ouagadougou]
Gaspa - Tamani - Blanc Manioc [unreleased]
Doni Doni vs Saliya - Praktika vs Bko [Blanc Manioc mashup]
Gaspa - Balani - Blanc Manioc [unreleased]
Afriq2000 - Décalé - Blanc Manioc [unreleased]
Praktika Mix //
Afrolicious - A Dub for Mali (feat. Yacouba Diarra) [Wonderwheel Recordings]
Praktika rework Ko Saba - Douga remix - [Blanc Manioc/ Universal Africa]
Mc Waraba & Meleke Tchatcho - Ana Ban (Cornelius Doctor & Tushen Rai remix) [Blanc Manioc/ Universal Africa]
Tinariwen & Lalla Badi - Tinde - (Lokal Affair remix) [White Label]
Tartit - Ehe Ehenia (El Remolon Schaffel Remix) [White Label]
Dom Peter & Praktika - TamaLyon (Blanc Manioc) [Blanc Manioc]
Midnight Ravers - Anna (Simbad remix) [Jarring effects]
DJ Khalab & Baba Sissoko - Nana [Wonderwheel Recordings]
Jose Marquez - Mali Blues [Tribe Records]
Les filles de lllighadad - tende II (Praktika Acid remix) [African Acid Is The Future]
Praktika feat Assaba Dramé- Dozo Foly [Blanc Manioc/Universal Africa]
Midnight Ravers - Sarala [Blanc Manioc/ Universal Africa]
Dom Peter //
Afriq2000 - Biafra- (Blanc Manioc) [unreleased]
La Dame - Enigma - (Blanc Manioc) [unreleased]
Midnight Ravers - Sarala - (Blanc Manioc) [unreleased]
Mc Waraba & Meleke Tchatcho - Yobale - PANGAR remix [Blanc Manioc/ Universal Africa]
Mc Waraba & Meleke Tchatcho - Ana ban [Blanc Manioc/Jarring effects]
Midnight Ravers - Yamariyo - Slikback remix [Blanc Manioc]
Midnight Ravers - ghost track [Blanc Manioc]

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