WW Melbourne: Alex Intas with Benny Chiu and Paulie M (A Love Supreme)

Alex Intas has been moving and shaking in Australia’s soulful underground scene for well over a decade. He is co-founder of cult Brisbane party-come-record-store A Love Supreme and has worked with the likes of Crown Ruler, Red Bull Music Academy, Stamp The Wax, Brownswood Recordings and more. Alex is appreciated by many as a true student of the culture, with formidable understanding and discernment across everything from post-bop jazz to future-bending electronica.

Alex shares a special guest mix from old Brisbane partners Benny Chiu & Thirsty Paul. Brisbane’s iconic party purveyors, Ben Chiu and Paul Marinos have shaped the city’s underground dance scene for over a decade. Sewing new energy into the cultural fibre, these two join the dots and are trusted for their eclectic taste of soulful-tipped music from all angles. From infamous party nights, a boutique record store, to DJing dancefloors across the country, Ben & Paul are attributed as key players in Brisbane's recent clubbing renaissance.

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