WW Melbourne: Allysha Joy

Australian singer and composer Allysha Joy takes on our WW Melbourne rotation. Soulful joints and morning melodies for our Worldwide family.

Emma Donovan & The Putbacks - Love Without Limit

Mamacita - Closer (Goapeles Cover)

Neeko - How Deep

Mara TK - Grew up Inna Chaos ft. 2MY

Kaiit - Girl in the Picture

30/70 - Tastes Like Freedom (Yu Su Midnight Blossom Remix)

Sampology - Ten Foot Flowers

Sampology - Running Around

Steve Spacek x Yasmin Lacey - Another Like This

Ngaiire - Moonshine

Ngaiire - 3

Ngaiire - Shoestring

Ngaiire - Closer

Ngaiire - Takeover

Ngaiire - Glitter

Ngaiire - Him

Ngaiire - Boom

MMYYKK - Bout Dat

BLK ODYSSY - Hang Low ft. James Robinson

Dugong Jr - Ceramic ft. IJALE

POOKIE - Beast Mode

Jerome Thomas - Secret

Tiana Khasi - Nuketown

Thando - Diaspora ft. Ruva

JK Group - Kempton (Phil Stroud Remix)

Special Feelings - Bapjizzim

Horatio Luna - Milestones (Miles Davis Tribute)

Goodmood - Byproduct ft. Javier Fredes & Ziggy Zeitgeist

Goodmood - Dull Kawai

Christopher Port - Tambourines of Joy (Setwun Remix)

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