WW Melbourne: Allysha Joy with Tiana Khasi // 29-09-20

We continue our Australia rotations with WW Melbourne. Allysha Joy will be bringing you Australian delicacies for two hours. On this month's show, Allysha is joined by Brisbane-born, Melbourne-based future soul artist Tiana Khasi.

Setwun - Steamdown
Finn Irregular - Summer Rains
Baro Sura - Whats Wrong (ft. Remi, Silent Jay)
Jay Cooper, Selasie, Maina Doe - See Me
Pookie - Tuesday (ft. Baasto)
Komang - Dewi
Tiana Khasi - Meghalaya
30/70 - Impermanence (Close Counters)
Andrew Ashong and Kaidi Tatham - Washed in You
Tiana Khasi - The Bitterness Flip (Choice Vaughn Remix)
Tiana Khasi - Nuketown (Benny Salvador Remix)
Tiana Khasi - Whole Lotta Shone (Sampology Remix)
Tiana Khasi - They Call Me (Best Foot Forward Remix)
Tiana Khasi - Bitterness (Street Rat Remix)
Tiana Khasi - Georgia's Track (So. Crates Remix)
Tiana Khasi - Meghalaya (Horatio Luna Mix)
Gordon Koang - Mai Mi Goa
Surprise Chef - Deadlines
Gimme Gimme - Fight Dirty
Snooch Dodd and the Proteens - I Flip my Life Every Time I Fly
Taylor Crawford - Blue Sky
Laik - Big Rainstorm
Wise Guy, Semantic One - Inside ft. Cinta and KdotMelody
Horatio Luna - Fuck the System
Baker Boy ft. Dallas Woods & Sampa the Great - Better Days
Noya Rao - Heaven Bound
Mildlife - Memory Palace

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