WW Melbourne: Allysha Joy with Waari and Danika Smith // 01-10-19

We continue our Australia rotations with WW Melbourne. Allysha Joy will be bringing you Australian delicacy for two hours. Tracklist: https://worldwidefm.net/show/ww-melbourne-allysha-joy-3/

Taylor Crawford - Stones [White Label]
Captain Earwax - When it Comes to You [White Label]
Sampa the Great - Give Love [Ninja Tune]
MKO Sun - Daffodils [White Label]
Maiisha - Black Privilege [White Label]
Danika Smith - Suit of Armour [White Label]
Danika Smith - Live [White Label]
Karate Boogaloo - Any Time and Any Place [White Label]
Nai Palm - Crossfire [White Label]
Jhelli Emmett - Magic Moon [White Label]
Sycco - Tamed Greif [White Label]
Waari - Live [White Label]
Laneous - Nice To See You [White Label]
Nearly Oratorio - Down to the Minute [White Label]
Natalie Slade - Humidity [White Label]
Karate Boogaloo - Juicy Fruit [White Label]
Sunnyside - Coconuts [White Label]
Squaring Circles - Anima [White Label]
Proto Moro - The 63 [White Label]
Bespoke ft. Wallace - Close Counters [White Label]
Saul - No Fuss No Fight ft. Brother Portrait [Rhythm Section International]
Elle Shimada ft. Abbey Howlett - Elemental Movement [Wondercore Island]
Vamasi - Eden [White Label]
Remi - 5am feat. Whosane [White Label]
Kaiit - Og Luv Kush Pt. 2 [Alt. Music Group]
Kay Suzuki ft. Fatima - Something to Say [round in motion]
30/70 - Backfoot [Rhythm Section International]

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