WW Melbourne: Ennio Styles with Izy, Lucky Daye and Juno Mamba // 11-02-20

Tune in for WW Melbourne show with Ennio Styles, bringing the soulful heat from Melbourne and Australia, and fresh finds from around the world. For this episode, Ennio is joined by Izy, producer and performer Lucky Daye and producer Juno Mamba for a live session and chat. Tracklist: https://worldwidefm.net/show/ww-melbourne-ennio-styles-with-jonny-faith-izy-lucky-daye-and-juno-mamba/

Christian McBride - Overture/The Movement Revisited [Mack Avenue]

Jus Hailu - Soon C

Mango - Katoomba Falls [Moonshoe]

Rara Zulu - 629

Barney McAll feat. Ha Na - Agnes Martin [Extra Celestial Arts]

Raw Humps - Oddysey [Plug Seven]

Inxxxwel - I Love Her

Gil Scott-Heron & Makaya McCraven - Running [XL]

Izy - Frantic [3RRR Stylin’ Session]

Izy - They Don’t Care [3RRR Stylin’ Session]

JBs JBs - Southwick

Where Two - I’d Do It Again

Agane - The End/Something Unexpected [Mascon Echoes]

Maina Doe - Delusion

Plutonic Lab - Since I’ve Been Around You
Horatio Luna - Brunswick Massive [La Sape]

David Versace - TMay21

Lucky Daye - Misunderstood [3RRR Stylin’ Session]

Lucky Daye - Roll Some Mo [3RRR Stylin’ Session]

Mic Mills - Filipe [ILIO]

Arona Mane x ATCQ - Abstrakkt

Lou Karsh - Things Aren’t So Bad [Furthur Electronix]

Juno Mamba - Flicker [3RRR Stylin’ Session]

Juno Mamba - Slow Light [3RRR Stylin’ Session]

Luke Cuerel Orchestra - Odyssey

Kassa Overall - Sleeping on the Train [Brownswood]

My Best Friend Jippy - Dawn

Milton Gulli & iZem feat. London Afrobeat Orchestra - A Muhive [Elis]

Special Feelings - Curbside Finds

The Twilite Tone - Space Invaders [Stones Throw]

Amin Payne - Brainwashed [Mineral]

Temu - Scavangas Alterlude



Warrigo Tyrrell - bass/vocals

Maru Elias Nitor-Zammataro - drums

Ryo Montgomery - guitar/vocals

Broden Tyrrell - percussion


Lucky Daye

Lucky Daye - vocals

O’Neal - keyboards


Juno Mamba

Vinci Andanar - synths

Ryan d’Sylva - drums

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