WW Melbourne: Ennio Styles with JK Group // 05-05-20

Tune in for WW Melbourne show with Ennio Styles, bringing the soulful heat from Melbourne and Australia, and fresh finds from around the world. Ennio is joined by the JK Group for this month's show. Tracklist: https://worldwidefm.net/show/ww-melbourne-ennio-styles-with-jk-group/

Lyndon Jarr - Deep South

Destiny71z - Technique zsl [Eglo]

Liam de Bruin - Isolation

Felix Meredith - Spectator

The Sweet Enoughs - In Mind [Wondercore Island]

Middle Name Dance Band - Lovers Carnival [Middle Name]

Iapetus - Us

Mike Steva feat. The Black Bond - People [Yoruba]

Sam Stosuur - Herbie Pt. 6

Kolider - Flamenco Bop

Karate Boogaloo - I Don’t Get Art [College of Knowledge]

Daniel Merriweather - Rain [Rain]

Silentjay - Go Disturbin the Area (I Wana Make Luv)

Jonti - It’s Kicking In

Herzeloyde & Woosta - Fwesh

Setwun - Da Gossip!

JK Group - Seeds [3RRR Stylin’ Session]

JK Group - Jazz Muggle [3RRR Stylin’ Session]

JK Group - Nutha One [3RRR Stylin’ Session]

Mid-Ground - Late Night Tales at the Corso

Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange - Rendezvous [Jazz Diaries]

Grievous Bodily Calm - Sync Step

Prequel - I Tried to Tell Him [Rhythm Section]

Inkswel feat. Dave Aju - The People [Boogie Angst]

James Skylab - Fission [AFTRWRK]

Ernie Ruso - Clutch [AFTRWRK]

Javier Santiago, Taylor Johnson & Miguel Hurtado - Are You There?

Harry Griffiths - Delta [Night Owl Collective]

Eduardo Queiroz - Central do Brasil [Som Livre]

Blaque Dynamite - Snares [Dolfin]

Latasha - Who I Am [Sugaroo]

Kllo - Still Here

Sen Morimoto - UYU


JK Group

Josh Kelly - saxophone, effects

Harry Sutherland - keyboards

Angus Radley - bass

Lucky Pereira - drums

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