WW Moscow: Ilya Rasskazov // 28-07-20

Get ready for a 2-hour selection of music made in Russia and beyond. Join a journey ranging from Soviet jazz and fusion classics from the 90s and 00s right through to today's upfront tunes on WW Moscow with Ilya Rasskazov of Headz.FM.

Tundra Art Ensemble - Fly Mode (bandcamp)
Sasha Mashin - Hidden Voice (Rainy Days)
Boogrov - Solntse (self)
Square Fauna - Erasing River (Firecracker)
Marco Lazovic - Daydreaming (Craft Music)
Unknown - По грибам (cdr)
Nuclear Losь - Funky Buttons (Fatmix)
Raumskaya - Wireframe Clouds (Hyperboloid)
Omma - Mojno (Antinote)
Holden - W.K.W.W.D. (Lagunamuch Community)
Icaro Ferre - Fractions & Fragments (how2make)
Иван Дорн - Чики (Чики OST)
OL - Skepsys (Gost Zvuk)
Compass Vrubell - Hockey Player's Confession (Defaultman & Sapurra Remix) (Plant 74)
Maruwa - On My Mind (Lobster Theremin)
BRTS - Air (Saskobing)
Spring Day On Karl Johan Street - Черемуха (self)
Max Ananyev - Time (self)
Keta - Это не Сон
Alterleo - Slum (Higher Love)
Telecaster - Guess Disco (Dima Studitsky Remix) (Savetheblackbeauty)
Tripmastaz - Ya Zdes (СССР edits)
другдиджея - Кунг-фу панда (Masterskaya)
Arsenii - Walter's Afternoon (Razor’n’Tape)
Akvarium - Captain Africa (Melodija)
Anton Kubikov - Black Knight (bandcamp)
Illuminated Faces - Shopping Hour (Upupup Music)
Azat Bayazitov - The Doors Are Open (Rainy Days)

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