WW Moscow: Ilya Rasskazov with Kito Jempere

Get ready for a 2-hour selection of music made in Russia and beyond. Join a journey ranging from Soviet jazz and fusion classics from the 90s and 00s right through to today's upfront tunes on WW Moscow with Ilya Rasskazov of Headz.FM.

On this month’s show Ilya is joined by Kirill Sergeev aka Kito Jempere from St.Petersburg for a Russian only guest mix showcasing local talent and premiering his new & yet secret alter ego. New & upcoming sounds from Russia and beyond in the second hour as well as some Soviet classics.

Lovvlovver — Fly Away Cut (unreleased)
Race2Space — Если Ты Мой Настоящий Друг (Alternative Version) (Тёмные Лошадки)
DZA — Clickhop Vst v3 (unreleased)
DZA — 90 MPC STUD AUTECHRE v4 (unreleased)
Kushnarova — Tvoe Slovo (Universal Music)
Goddeem & Gol’d — Don’t Give Up ft. Kasseta (unreleased)
???? ???? & Yura Marakychev — ???????? (Kito Jempere Recordings)
Lovvlovver — PHASEDHAT 100 CUT (unreleased)
Hodíla ízba — Без Обмана (Мумий Тролль Cover) (Universal Music)
Simple Symmetry — Octopus ft. Группа Ветерок (New Ears Recordings)
Dima Midborn — Zolotoi (Mancave BluesTrumental) (unreleased)
Moral Kiosk — AIR (Kito Jempere Recordings)
Mirele & Кирилл Иванов — Частица (prod. By Lovvlovver) (DNK Music)
Hodíla ízba — На Крыле (Gipsy Family Records)
Kuzma Palkin - Synth1 Power User (GostZvuk)
Raumskaya - Laska (Hyperboloid)
Елочные Игрушки - Wienn (Pause_2)
Poima - Frisco (Shaw Cuts)Kintaro 89 – Cant Take It From Me (Loverboy Edit) (Музыка Болшево / MyBolshevo)
Famitsu - Watanabe (Hyperboloid)
Arthur Kazarian - Eva (Underground Is For Everyone)
Noorkumalasari - Nyanyian Hati (I Gemin Edit)
Marimba Plus - Jerusalem
Русский Бэнд - Ой, кумушки (self)
Collage - Talgulugu (Мелодия)
Kadans - Naima (Мелодия)

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