WW Mumbai: Aneesha Kotwani with Kiss Nuka

WW Mumbai is presented by Aneesha Kotwani who runs a music and culture agency in Mumbai called WAVLNGTH. Her show brings light to music from her country and the sub-continent as well as across the globe.

Raw, eclectic and phantasmic, Kiss Nuka is a global award-winning music producer-artist-activist of Indian descent. She fearlessly bends genres creating uncensored and immersive audio-visual experiences like Kashmir, Don't Be Afraid, Ayo Burn. Her free-spirited love for nature and activism translate into thought-provoking pieces mixing electronic bass with ambient layers, electro-pop melodies and a hint of roots.. Being an early adopter of cutting edge technologies like Dolby ATMOS, she invites audiophiles and discerners to her world that is one with nature! Kiss Nuka is the new evolved expression of Anushka Manchanda - a revered voice in the Indian music industry with almost 20 years of experience.

Zanuski - Unreleased

Shantanu Pandit - Unreleased [upcoming on Pagal Haina]

Alan Ebe - Honey [Independent]

Alboe - Yellow [Krunk Kulture]

Alboe - Trigger [Krunk Kulture]

Alboe - Blue [Krunk Kulture]

Bombay The Artist - Raaha [Independent]

Bombay The Artist - Greendazed [Independent]

Disector - Delta [Rusted Sound]

Azu Hoyvoy - Silent April (Drum aani Bass Remix [Milkmankind]

Kunde - Epako [San Kofa]

Tyrell Dub Corp - Spliffy Dub [Independent]

Kunde - Epoch (feat Owen Perry Weston) [San Kofa]

Kunde - Vibed Up [San Kofa]

Nitasha Randhawa - Real Love [Independent]

Farhan Rehman - Disco Segway [Dynamite Disco Club]

Boulderhead - Expander [Yellow Island Records]

Smear - Junkie [Muka Records]

Kiss Nuka tracklist

Quicksand [unreleased)]

Raat Rani [unreleased]
Kashmir: Rabab version featuring Sufiyan Malik [Independent]
Ayo Burn featuring Kaam Bhaari [IncInk Records]
Black Raw [Independent] 
Don’t Be Afraid [Independent]
War Cry [unreleased]

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