WW Mumbai: Aneesha Kotwani with Tarun Balani // 13-06-20

WW Mumbai is presented by Aneesha Kotwani who runs a music and culture agency in Mumbai called WAVLNGTH. Her show brings light to music from her country and the sub-continent. For the first episode, she is joined by a guest Tarun Balani who is composer, drummer and producer from New Delhi. Expect urban folk, DnB, breakbeat, fusion, electronic music and Jazz and vocal tracks from female artists and producers in India. Tracklist: https://worldwidefm.net/show/ww-mumbai-aneesha-kotwani-with-tarun-balani/

Sulk Station - Dheere [Independent]
Easy Wanderlings - Enjoy It While It Lasts [Independent]
Pardafash - Dark Chocolate [Azadi Records]
Surya Giri - You're Not Alone feat. Sid Sriram & Shilpa Rao [Independent]
Arko Mukhaerjee - Dahshat Se Bhari Hain Yaadon Ki Mehfil [Independent]
Arko Mukhaerjee & Hari Maharjan Ensemble - Timro Ni Maya [Independent]
Sid Vashi - Fuck Up Some Commas (Careful Walker Edit)[Independent]
Dot - Modern Romance (Ox7gen Remix) [Independent]
Raaja Beats - Poongatru [Independent]
Prabh Deep - Chitta [Azadi Records]
Midival Punditz - Nukhta feat. Kutle Khan [Independent]
Rupa - Moja Bhari Moja [Independent]
// Part A 2°
Seasonal Affected Beats - Prelude [Independent]
Squarepusher - Midi Sans Frontières [WARP Records]
Oneohtrix Point Never - Betrayed in the Octagon [Kemado Records]
Taylor McFerrin - Postpartum [Independent]
OAFF -Perpetuate [Independent]
Seasonal Affected Beats -Let The Light In feat.KAVYA [Independent] .
// Part B Dharma
Tarun Balani - Impermanence [Berthold Records]
Gerald Clayton - Rejuvenation Agenda [Blue Note Records]
Olli Hirvonen - Arps [Edition Records]
Tarun Balani - Here We Go [Berthold Records]
Kneebody - What’s My Name [Edition Records]
Tarun Balani - Dharma [Berthold Records]

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