WW Naarm: BlakTakeover // 30-06-20

Tune in for WW Naarm with Paul Gorrie for the next two hours. "With recent events going on, it seems like there has been more and more urgency to listen to bla(c)k voices and take them seriously. Over here in so-called Australia, there is a long history where the state is still dispossessing us and breaching our rights to live. They have been inflicting police brutality, through the use of removing our kids, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, mums, and dads and removing them from our families into the foster care and prison system. Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people are not only statistically dying decades earlier than non-Indigenous people but we are dying in custody, our land continues to be stolen, and large mining companies are desecrating the land. This is why we need global attention on these issues, and hopefully through these selections, can bring education and shine a light to these issues. All the artists in this mix are Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander."

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