WW Narrm: Allysha Joy with Elle Shimada

Australian singer and composer Allysha Joy takes on our Australian rotation. Soulful joints and morning melodies for our Worldwide family.

30/70 - ALL 4 U

Deheb - Time is Harvest

HBY - Setwun

Allysha Joy - Still Dreaming (Shy One Remix)

Close Counters - GET DOWN

Izy - They Don’t Care (Osunlade, Yoruba Soul Extended Mix)

Horatio Luna - Work It Out

Don Glori - Dlareme

JK Group - Find Strength

dreamcastmoe - Much More

Kuzich & Alien - Took My Heart Away

Elle Shimada Guest Mix

Home is ____: Elle Shimada (The Jazz Diaries)

Reece's Cup: Alchemist, Curren$y

No Hay Nada Mas: Mos Def (Prod by Prese)

Departure l 出発点: Elle Shimada (The Jazz Diaries)

Stakes Is High: De La Soul (prod. by J Dilla)

Swahililand: Ahmad Jamal

Orbit: Allysha Joy (Brownswood Recordings)

Eternal Internal Peace: Silentjay (Brownswood Recordings)

Losalamitoslatinfunklove: Bugz In The Attic

Take Me to Your Sky: Fourth Kind

Benzaiten l 弁財天: Elle Shimada ft. Quartz Pistol (The Jazz Diaries)

Young Sinners: Prophet of Soul

Remember l 記憶 Elle Shimada ft. Waari, Rara Zulu (The Jazz Diaries)

Protest ∞ Protect: Elle Shimada (The Jazz Diaries)

David Versace - The More We Love

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