WW New Delhi: DJ MoCity with MadStarBase // 25-08-20

Every third Friday of the month DJ MoCity, founder of Boxoutfm, showcases some of the best talents from India and the Indian subcontinent. On each show, DJ MoCity invites one producer and one DJ to join him for a special chat followed by a live mix or DJ set. For the second New Delhi rotation, DJ MoCity is joined by New Delhi based producer and DJ duo MadStarBase for a guest mix including their forthcoming release and own productions. tracklist: https://worldwidefm.net/show/ww-new-delhi-dj-mocity-with-madstarbase/

Chapter 1 - DJ MoCity
First Kiss (Instrumental) - MadStarBase [Unreleased]
First Kiss (ft: RiSK & Sik Vik) - MadStarBase [boxout.fm recordings]
Boxout Soundsystem Dubplate - Killa P [unreleased]
Boxout Soundsystem Dubplate - Flowdan [unreleased]
Malik Ambar - Stain [Independent]
700 Rupees - Corridors [boxout.fm recordings]
Warli Revolt [Remix] (ft. Prakash Bhoir) - Bandish Projekt x Swadesi [Azadi records]
Mystic Dunes - Baazi [boxout.fm recordings]
Worldwide (ft ARABYRD & RIDER SHAFIQUE) - CEE [boxout.fm recordings]
Worldwide (Instrumental) - CEE [boxout.fm recordings]
Aayega Kal - BC Azad & National Animal [Independent]
Chapter 2 - MadStarBase
Merak - Raka [Independent]
Scorpion Gyul (MadStarBase Remix) - Sundar Popo [unreleased]
Same Shit (ft. Pink Siifu) - Kumail [Bastard Jazz]
Monotonous Tribal Affairs - Stain [unreleased]
Fo Sho (MadStarBase Remix) - Madstarbase [unreleased]
Don't Give Up - Tarqeeb [Independent]
Who Be This (MadStarBase Remix) - RISK [unreleased]
Gimme1 (MadStarBase Remix) - Tracy Chapman [unreleased]
Didi (MadStarBase Remix) - Khaled [unreleased]
Slow (MadStarBase Remix) - Kylie Minogue [Independent]
Cocaine Kisses - RISK [unreleased]
Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See (Careful Walker Remix) - Busta Rhymes [Independent]
Akash x Raaja Beats (MadStarBase mashup) - Vaa Vaa Anbe x Where You Wanna Go [unreleased]
Ochi To Mobay (MadStarBase Remix) - Dejavilla [Ultra Records]
Baari Hamaari (MadStarBase Drum Edit) - Roy & Dub Sharma [Independent]
Laika - Madboy/Mink [Independent]
SHC - MadStarBase [unreleased]
4 Paredes (MadStarBase Remix) - MC Pedrinho [Independent]
Sauce on Tap - Flowdan x MadStarBase [unreleased]
Chapter 3 - DJ MoCity
Helen - Rainmann [Independent]
pyar hua ikra hua - vedik x GNRS [Independent]
Ninnukori - pelle [Independent]
Fakir - Tre Ess [Independent]
Lost - Prana [boxout.fm recordings]
iKul Juice - Cardyac [Independent]
Krnbreaf. - KARTIK [Independent]
Udig.mi. - KARTIK [Independent]
Lat - Aeke [AkashGanga Records]
Scum (Tienas mix) - Pratika x PrabhuNeigh [Independent]
i hope you doin' good (ft. shiloh) - Jeevana [Independent]
Avalon - Sepoys & Suborb [Independent]
Kaal - Kohra [Qilla Records]
Habibi bass - Sepoys [boxout.fm recordings]
Oh what a joy - Balraj Singh Samrai, Pandit G, Gavsborg, Farah Ahmad Khan, Shanique Marie, Tunde Adekoya, Vikaash Sankadecha [Independent]
Roshini (MadSatBase Remix) - Ritviz, Sickflip, Seedhe Maut [Unreleased]
Dark Chocolate - Pardafash [Azadi Records]
Breathe In Silence - Monophonik [Qilla Records]
Chaya - Unknown [Unreleased]
Chitta [Remix] (ft. Yung Raja) - Prabh Deep [Azadi Records]
Took A Minute - Suchi [Krunk Kulture]
Class-Sikh Maut Vol. II - Prabh Deep, Seedhe Maut & Sez on the Beat [Azadi Records]
DOOM (ft Ishani) - PAV4N & Sukh Knight [4NCY]
Me Alone - Braille & Seafloor [Independent]
Out Of Luck - Trafficc & Monophonik [Unreleased]

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