WW New Orleans: Lady Lavender

Worldwide FM New Orleans brings you the melody and rhythms of the crescent city. A place where enslaved Africans joined with the Indigineous first people to resist and to create music and culture that continues to resonate throughout the world. Every show is anchored by an hour each from Brice Nice and Soul Sister followed by special guest selectors each month.

Lady Lavender is a DJ, radio personality, and dancer based in New Orleans. After interning at WWOZ New Orleans and apprenticing at WTUL New Orleans, she began her DJ journey. Lady Lavender is known for her serious yet upbeat approach to electronic music, always with a dance floor in mind. She is a co-founder of For The Record - a New Orleans based creatives' collective rooted in solidarity, community, and wholesome hedonism. Her newest project includes Secret Handshake - a DJ duo, party series, and visual art/dance collaboration with Nile Ashton.

Lady Lavender provides a soundtrack that reflects on a summer’s day in New Orleans. A collection of underground sounds from around the world, including selections from New Orleans producers.

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