WW New Orleans: Ngoma Numu

Worldwide FM New Orleans brings you the melody and rhythms of the crescent city. A place where enslaved Africans joined with the Indigineous first people to resist and to create music and culture that continues to resonate throughout the world. Every show is anchored by an hour each from Brice Nice and Soul Sister followed by special guest selectors each month.

Drummer, hand crafted jewelry maker, crystal healer and House DJ Ngoma Numu wears many hats. After many years of playing drums behind artist Ngoma has stepped into himself as an artist and music producer. Ngoma meaning drum and dance and Numu meaning the original blacksmith, Ngoma is a blacksmith bending and molding not only handcrafted jewelry, but also drum rhythms for people to dance and vibe too. On July 2, 20201 Ngoma released his first album self-titled “Ngoma Numu”. His album is a display of the knowledge and ideas throughout his years and experiences as a traveling musician, drummer, and jewelry maker.

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